Opinionated. Intelligent. Knicks fan. (two out of three ain’t bad..lol) Echo is certainly more than his proverbial parts. He’s a scholar and an artist, and he’s not afraid to show you his intellect in his music and his subject matter. Take a trip with me to another plane and lets sit at the feet of a “master teacher”…you’ll thank me later.


1. Who is ECHO?

ECHO is a person born in New York City to a Dominican man & woman. I’m a knowledgeable individual that aspires to be heard by billions of Earth because I feel have something very important to say. I’m sure many others feel they do too. Maybe even some of the things I want to say. Except, I feel I say it differently. I’ve learned so much on my own that I do believe with a change of thinking massively, we can live in a world that is much more efficient, sustainable and loving.

2. You are a native New Yorker, How did you get to Cali?

  I moved to California 7 years ago after running into several problems in NYC that made me feel that I needed a dramatic change of some sort. I wanted to get as far away from NYC as possible but not have to leave the United States.

3. What/whom are some of your musical influences?

My musical influences range from Culture Club to Michael Jackson to the Fat Boys to LL Cool J to Kid n Play to Notorious B.I.G. to Digital Underground to Death Cab For Cutie to Jay-Z to Coldplay to Canibus. I’ve been influenced by pop music to R&B to classical to rock to hip-hop. I’m a fan of music. All music.

4. You are very spiritual/political, how does this aid you in the creation of your music?

My spiritual side helps me in music making by knowing where to speak from, where to write from. For many years I wrote rhymes in the way others wrote rhymes as far as the subject matter. Slowly becoming more in touch with my spirituality and knowledge of spirituality has helped me become more vulnerable. Becoming more political helps me in uncovering layers about things in the political realm I am told or taught. Uncovering layers about truth in politics has helped me peel layers of myself, so I can reach a deeper understanding about what truth truly is.

5. You recently published a book? Why?

I published a book so that I could have an extra means to reach people through a different vehicle. My aim as a musician is to make music with substance and that people enjoy but, ultimately my main goal during this lifetime is to be happy within myself but, also to be heard by as many people as possible. I cannot limit myself to one form of doing so and I have always revered myself as being a good writer. So writing and publishing a book just seemed like a perfect fit.

6. What is your take on the state of hip hop? what’s lacking?

As it stands right now, hip hop is suffering tremendously. On a whole, rappers are no longer being experimental or original in their music making. Their is a lower standard today of what a “hit” is and it’s catered to by the  rappers in the industry. There’s only a few rappers today that seem to go outside the paradigm of what’s “cool”. I hope to be part of that pool of rappers because when I loved hip hop the most, was when rappers sounded different than the next rapper. Today, they mostly all sound the same to me in terms of cadence and subject matter.

7. Any new projects?

I’m in the midst of recording my 3rd project ever and second album I’m recording since moving to LA from NYC. The project is called “100th Monkey”. There is a story about the USA dropping a nuclear bomb on an island to study the landscape afterwards to see if things would still grow and if life could exist there. Then thousands of monkey were dropped there. One monkey was taught to wash its radioactive coconuts in a waterfall to clean off the radioactivity and a few, but not many more, copied the behavior. One day, one of the monkeys did it and all of the other monkeys on the island began doing it as well. This was deemed as a huge mysterious, spontaneous change of consciousness. This is the kind of response I’d like to have with my “100th Monkey” project because the things I rap about, I feel, can help change people’s views on what this world could be like, if life was lived differently. I am that 100th Monkey.

8. Where can your fans/new supporters see you next?

For the moment, I’ve taken a mini-hiatus from performing while I focus my energy and attention on writing & recording my album “100th Monkey). It should be ready in the next month or so and in a few weeks I’ll be releasing a promo/preview music video to announce my “100th Monkey” project. I am on twitter daily (@echoisthename), I do have a facebook (www.facebook.com/echoisthename), my own website (www.echoisthename.bandcamp.com), and am on youtube (www.youtube.com/therealechoisthename). I am also now doing podcasts (www.soundcloud.com/echoisthename). My book is on smashwords (http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/128444).