I was so happy to be back for second semester. (Insert Michael Buffer fight intro here)


      Spring semester is NEVER like the fall semester because you already know what to expect. The upperclassmen don’t bother you as much and you get to mess with the incoming freshman that decided to defer enrollment until the Spring semester. As I strolled around campus, reacquainting myself with Wayne U and Atlanta, I realized that not a lot of people were on campus. It was like a “ghost town”, but I knew that by tomorrow it was going to be packed like a grocery bag! I walked over to my dorm to get my keys and check in (like I was staying at the W Hotel) and throw my bags into the room and start setting up my side of the “inner sanctum”.  Upon doing minimal set-up, I changed into some shorts and went to go shoot some hoops. As I was crossing over to the basketball courts, I heard T.I.’s “Rubberband Man” blaring out of a Cadillac Escalade. “Aw, dayum!” I tried to turn around and head back into my dorm, but it was already too late! Out of the Escalade hopped Joshua. He ran up on me at the courts and looked at me like I stole his winning lottery ticket. “I hear you been talking to MY girl?” he asked. “We are just friends.” I quipped. He would proceed to tell me that if I didn’t stay away from her, he was going to make my second semester TERRIBLE!! Joshua then said that regardless of what Teresa had told me, she would always be his and she wasn’t going to leave him! (stalker much?) While I tried to hold back laughter, Joshua (while being flanked by the “Box”) did a James Brown-esque spin move and returned to his car! As he pulled away, I fell to the ground with laughter! I was ready to make my move with Teresa and hoped that she was going to feel the same way in regards to “said move”. I shot around for a few more minutes and went back to the room, took a shower and decided to catch up on some reading.

7:00 pm – I must’ve dozed off while reading because the next thing I knew I was awoken by my cell phone going off. “What are you doing?” Teresa asked. “I’m lying in my bed.” I said. “Get dressed, because I’m coming over!” Teresa said. I had to admit I was excited about the prospect of having one of the most gorgeous women on this campus in my room with no roommate! I threw on some heather grey Wayne sweats, a white t-shirt accompanied by my flip flops and waited for Teresa to arrive.

9:00 pm – I heard a knock at the door. I got up from my desk to answer the door. “Who is it?” (I yelled in my best “Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood voice”) “It’s Teresa. Open the door, boy!”  I open the door and in she came. I was still stuck by her beauty. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she had on a blue sweater and black tights. “Damn.” I said out loud. She laughed. We greeted each other with hugs and then exchanged war stories from our trips home. I explained to her that Joshua had cornered me in the basketball courts and told me to stay away from her or he was going to rip my arms off! (or something to that effect) She explained that Joshua was harmless and that he was just trying to act tough in front of his friends. She stated that he actually cried at the part in the Transformers movie when Optimus Prime died! (I laughed to the point of tears!) We talked for a few more minutes then we decided to order dinner. She wanted pizza and wings, so we got pizza and wings! After we had finished eating, I put on a movie (Coming To America) and we laid in my bed and watched it. The fear of having someone walk in on us was a non factor as RJ wasn’t scheduled to come back in until 3 o’clock the next afternoon. I took this opportunity to make my move. I told her that I really enjoyed her company and I wanted to be more than friends! I leaned down and I kissed her softly on her neck. She looked up at me and smile. “Khalil…” (Whenever a girl says your name before being spontaneous, it’s normally trouble.) Teresa sat up and looked me in my eyes. “I enjoy your company, I love how you look at me, how you make me feel, and I was waiting for you to do that.” *insert “Brown Skin” by India Arie* 

     4:00 AM – Needless to say, we woke up in each others arms. (fully clothed) We didn’t want to rush anything. (we had one HELL of a makeout session though!) Teresa put her shoes on and grabbed me by the hand so I could walk her to the door. “Thank you for a wonderful evening and I look forward to many more.” She leaned over and kissed me as she walked down the back staircase to her car. I really hated to see her leave and wished she would’ve stayed. I watched from my window as she made it safely to her car and as she sped off into the early morning.

  9:00 am – “Wake up, sleeping beauty!” RJ said as he proceeded to pour cold water on me. “What the hell?” as I jumped out of the bed, “I thought you weren’t coming in until 3 this afternoon?” I exclaimed.  RJ said he had caught an earlier flight and that he was tired of being home. He told me about everything that happened while he was home and that he and Dawn were still together. I asked him where Dawn was. He said she was upstairs, but should be down in a minute. RJ remarked about it smelling like DKNY perfume. “Who was in here last night?” RJ asked. “Teresa.” I said. RJ looked at me with a sly smile. “You might want to get a Navy SWAT team to protect your ass from Josh.” I told RJ I wasn’t afraid of “bighead Josh” and that I was a new man!! ( as I did the George Jefferson dance) Dawn strolled through the door and greeted me with a hug and kiss on the cheek. (RJ looked at me funny after she did this.) “How was Dallas?” I asked. “Dallas was GREAT!” Dawn went on to tell me that she LOVED the BBQ, the fact that they had so many sports teams and RJ was there. I told both of them about my adventures in Connecticut. (yea, I included my Uncle singing and my cousins asking about strip joints) RJ, Dawn, and I left the door and went to go get something to eat at the Café. The first day of classes were upon us and we all had a few little things that needed to be done. RJ had to start preparing his speeches for his impending campaign and I was trying to avoid Josh at any and all cost! “Dawn, have you seen Vane, uh, Ms. Grayson?” I questioned. Dawn replied, “No.”  I explained to RJ and Dawn that she was on the same flight with me back to Atlanta, and she was doing some REALLY strange things! She wasn’t as on point as she was last semester. She looked like she was really down on her luck. 


12:00 – Almost as if on cue, “The Dragon Lady” and her “entourage” appeared out of thin air. “Good afternoon, all” she proclaimed. I gave her a head nod, RJ said something under his breath and Dawn waved. Ms. Grayson had on the Spring Collection of Dolce and Gabana. She looked quite a bit different from when she was at the airport in Stamford. I took this as a sign. I really needed to do a better job of being a detective! After walking away from Mr. Grayson, RJ let me in a little secret about her. “She’s adopted.” What? I remarked. RJ explained that she was adopted by one of the most affluent families in Texas when she was a baby. RJ explained that her birthparents were in NY and she spent her breaks with them. “So, she was lying to me about going on a shopping on Madison Avenue?” RJ said that she did go to NY to shop, but that her main reason for visiting was to see her parents and try to get to know her parents more due to the fact that she never saw them because she lived in Dallas! RJ said that her birth parents were from the Bronx and couldn’t afford to raise her. I asked RJ how did he know all of this?  He replied with a simple “Duh! We went to school together.” It seemed like a pretty sad story and maybe this explained why she always traveled with her “group” and acted the way she did. RJ told me she was always trying to keep her family history “under wraps” because she was all about “appearances” and “making an entrance”. This, I found out, was one of the reasons that RJ disliked Vanessa.

    After gaining all of this new information about “The Dragon Lady”, I kind of felt sorry for her. She presented this “front” like she was born into money and didn’t owe anyone an explanation for her actions or behaviors because of it. I couldn’t wait for her to slip up and to let her know about herself! (I had grown a slight mean streak) We (RJ, Dawn, and I) talked outside in the Quad for a few more hours about some of our struggles, the upcoming semester, Teresa, RJ’s campaign strategy and what we had planned after our time at Wayne was over.


       The second semester had started off with a BANG! I mean from the revelation of “The Dragon Lady” being adopted, to “the kiss heard ‘round the world”, and finally the semester actually starting, we were going at lightspeed! RJ and I had a few classes together and between him getting ready for the campaign and studying for classes, we rarely got a chance to hang out since being back at Wayne. Teresa and I had gotten closer over the last few weeks and we were ready to take our “relationship” public! (I was just trying not to die in the process!) Being at a historically black college or university was like playing the world’s “biggest game of telephone”, messages got confused, signals got crossed, and people got knocked out for delivering messages in error! (trust me) It was determined that Teresa and I no longer cared about what Josh thought. Teresa had broken up with Josh after the night we spent together and Joshua had been on the warpath ever since! Josh was looking for me like I was Osama Bin Laden! He was acting all types of crazy! He hated to lose and to top it all off, he had lost to me!  Teresa and I knew he was going to get like this but we kept a cool head about the situation and tried to be as discreet as possible, especially on or around campus, considering he was on the verge of jumping out of the bushes like DragonFly Jones from “Martin”!  The four of us (Dawn, RJ, Teresa, and I) had gone out as “couples” a few times, but we had to constantly look over our shoulders like we were Secret Service Agents guarding the POTUS!

         The semester was flying by. RJ became the President of the Freshman/Freshwomen class by giving a great speech about “Taking Wayne to the Future” (it was actually a pretty good speech, he got my vote) Dawn and I assisted him by passing out flyers, making T-shirts, buttons, and making posters to be hung up around campus prior to the election. Dawn’s ability to speak to people and promote got her the position of Vice President after RJ had been elected. I told RJ  I didn’t want a position, however RJ gave me the position of Chief of Staff and would include me on the meetings pertaining to the decisions about Wayne and how we could make it better.

           Classes had begun in earnest and I had A LOT more work with the election, a girlfriend, a Psych class that was kicking my butt, and assisting my friend in running the government with the interests of the freshman class at Wayne in mind! My Psych professor was nicknamed, “The Butcher” (and for good reason), he enjoyed cutting people down to size and making them work hard! (my Dad told me this was the beginning of the mystique that everyone had told me about) He had given us 2 papers, a take home exam, and an internet research assignment all in the first 3 weeks of class! (crazy, right?) I was a master at procrastination, but I still managed to put all this stuff together and I still got an “A” on almost all of these projects (except for one of the papers)

      After sleepwalking through the weekend, Teresa called me and asked if I wanted to go to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Normally, if I heard dinner out with a girl, I IMMEDIATELY checked my bank account to make sure I had enough to cover dinner, not just appetizers! (hey, I’m a college student) 


      8:00 pm – Teresa came and picked me up at the dorm and we headed to dinner. We talked about how classes were going and other current events around campus. “Why are we going to Cheesecake Factory?” I asked. “It’s a surprise.” She said.  (I just hoped it wasn’t a bad surprise) As, we pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant, Teresa looked over at me. “Khalil, I brought you here so that you could meet my parents.” “What?” I was slightly upset because I would’ve dressed a little more appropriately for the occasion. Teresa was apologizing and telling me that her parents couldn’t wait to meet me and she had been telling them good things and they were EXTREMELY excited to meet.  As we made our way into the restaurant, Teresa noticed her parents and we walked over to the table. Teresa’s parents were both two beautiful people. Her father was a tall, black dude with a moustache and the demeanor of a Wall Street businessman. Her mom was redbone, “brickhouse” type who worked for the State Department. (I could see why he married her!) I shook hands with her parents and we sat down and had appetizers, dinner, and dessert. Teresa’s parents didn’t grill me, they welcomed me with open arms into their family and our whole conversation was very natural and organic. We laughed, joked, told stories, and shared our college experiences (even though mine were brief). After what turned out to be a great surprise, Teresa and I said “Goodnight” to her parents (not after they had invited me to the family reunion in North Carolina and to the house next year for Christmas!) Teresa asked me if I wanted to come back to her apartment since it was pretty late. I said that I didn’t have clothes and had an early class. She said that she would take me back to campus to let me get clothes and that she had an early class as well, so she needed to be up just as early. I agreed and we headed back over to campus.

        “Where are you going?” RJ asked. I told RJ I was headed to Teresa’s for the night in case anybody called and asked for me. RJ just looked at me, smirked, and called Dawn to tell her that he had a “free room” tonight! (Nasty, bastard) RJ said he was headed to Harrison’s and he would see me tomorrow.  I ran out into the night, hopped in Teresa’s car and headed to her place.

          Teresa stared at me as we exited the car. “What?” I said. “You are too damn cute.” She said. Teresa took her keys out of her purse and opened the front door to what looked like a palace. I walked in to find hardwood floors, fish tanks, and original artwork adorning the walls. (“Membership has its privileges”) She told me to put my bag on the couch and to come upstairs. She went over to the stereo system and turned on “Beauty is her name” by Dru Hill and grabbed me by my hand and led me to the loft that overlooked her living room. (I could get used to this) Teresa led me to the bedroom where she had candles lit and had it prepped for something “special” getting ready to take place. (just to make it clear, I didn’t write anything down about what happened, in case anybody finds this….) 

The next morning–

      7:15 am- After a “great” night (you do the math), I woke up to the smell of breakfast cooking. I walked down the stairs and saw Teresa standing over the stove in some boy shorts and a Hawks jersey ( she had grabbed it out of my bag) putting some turkey bacon, biscuits, fruit salad and a bagel on a plate for me. “Good morning.” I remarked. “Hey, you.”  She said, as she walked over and kissed me on the lips. Teresa then told me to eat while she got ready because we both had an 8:30 and we were running late.

          10:00 am- After sitting in what felt like the longest political theory course EVER, I met up with RJ and Dawn to go over our plans for the weekend. What started as a conversation about our weekend turned into an inquisition about MY night. I swore myself to silence. (a gentlemen never tells) We decided that we would head over to Lake Lanier to enjoy this warm weather we had been having. I called Teresa and she cleared it with her parents so that we could use their cabin near Lake Lanier for the weekend.